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Are you doing business like a dinosaur?
The online world has changed and if you haven’t changed your approach, you might soon be extinct too.
Once upon a time, media ads and sales calls were how you connected with prospects. But not anymore.
Today, it’s all about search. The first place your prospects go when they have a purchasing need is the Internet. Is your message appearing where your prospects are looking?
Yes, we mean Google, Bing and other search engines.
But how can you increase your visibility online without spending bundles on paid search advertising or SEO to completely rework your website?

That’s where Aniviseo comes in.
Our cutting edge service offers a turnkey content optimization solution that gets your product or service offering to the top of organic search results and fits your budget.
Aniviseo puts your message where your prospective customers are looking: in search engines.
Aniviseo offers a customized package that uses text, images and video together on one highly optimized landing page.
A page that uses relevant keywords to discuss the issues that your prospects care about.
A highly visual and informational content that rises to the top of search results, and delivers traffic to your website.
We give your prospects what they are searching for: Answers to their questions.
Aniviseo gives you highly optimized visual content, animation and information specifically optimized to generate leads in your target market.

So how does it work?
First, we develop a campaign site with search engine optimized content including: text, film and photos, illustrations and graphics
Next we target your audience using carefully selected paid and organic channels.  
Then, we continually adapt, refine, reiterate messaging and channels to optimize traffic to your landing page.
Finally, we continue to measure and optimize around key metrics of traffic, conversions, and leads month to month.
Ask us to show you some examples of work we’ve done and how we delivered traffic and leads for clients. You can create the same optimized content to fit your target audience.
If you’re wondering about the cost, be assured we can customize a program to fit just about any budget. Your traffic and lead generation can be increased proportional to the amount of content budget to create.
You get a customized package designed to meet your needs that includes …
Lead generation, increased traffic to your website, exposure for your product or service online as well as a targeted global or national reach.

Aniviseo can grow your online exposure and bring leads right to your front door.
Contact us today to find out how we can make Aniviseo work for you.

Aniviseo is a Animech AB product,

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